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TeMata Base/Mid layers

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Designed to suit both men and women, from Teens to Third-agers, our Taranaki and TeMata unisex, trans-seasonal and multi-functional New Zealand merino wool base layers have served our customers well in all sorts of places, from Antarctica to the Sahara, Japan to Ireland.

Viv Scott, in his Review of our Taranaki 190 Merino Wool Base Layers in UK Climbing  says:

“The best base layers I've ever used by miles and already up there with my favourite take everywhere, everytime kit... Superb.”

Viv Scott's Merino Wool Base layers, Kahitna Base Camp, Alaska

Kahitna base camp, Alaska

Nikki & co, Port Lockroy Anta rctica

Tim & Simon kite-skiing in Greenland, wearing Chocolate Fish merino wool base layers

Simon & Tim in Greenland

Chris on Kitakama, Japan, wearing his Taranaki 190 Baselayer Merino Wool base layer T-shirt

Mel - somewhere in the Himalayas

Mel somewhere in the Himalayas wearing her Taranaki 190 Merino Wool Baselayer Crew & Leggings

Chris, Kitakama couloir, Japan

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Andy, writing in Summit-up Mountaineering says:

“The Chocolate Fish [merino wool base layer] brand has been forcing the outdoor world to stop and take notice... their products are manufactured from quality New Zealand merino, in NZ. Couple this with the outstanding quality control that leaves certain rivals standing still, and you’ve got a sure fire winner.”

Ian Harper writes in hisCape Wrath Trail Guide”:

“Chocolate Fish Taranaki merino base layers (top and long johns, pants)

After expensive merino baselayers from Icebreaker and Howies ended up in holes after a short space of time, I started to look for something with better quality…And then I found Chocolate Fish, a small manufacturer of some of the best garments I have ever worn. The quality is superb, as is the service. The price is well worth paying. When the weather is looking particularly cold, I throw in a pair of long johns.”

Chris in Japan wrote to us:

“Your gear was a real life saver on that climb [Kitakama]. Thanks a lot!”

For great mountaineering adventures in Japan (and elsewhere), read his blog.

Round the World yachtswoman Katya Fearnley-Whittingstall told us:

“I …would rather wear an extra merino layer than a nasty smelly fleece. I really wish more yachties would wear merino; after a week without washing, the smells below deck from synthetics are plain horrid...!  Your company produces the best merino ever - I sailed across the north pacific in winter whilst wearing it, would have frozen to death without it!”      

Simon & Tim of Polarice wore our gear  kite-skiing in Greenland

You can read their review of our Taranaki Merino baselayers here


Markus in Germany emailed to say:

“Your stuff really great. A convinced Merino-Fan, I've tested a lot (Icebreaker, Lundhags, Ortovox, Devold, Buff) and yours is Fantastic stuff !! Thanks a lot!”

Jonathan in the Sahara

Vik snowboarding in San Sicario

Tom, Ilkley Moor - bar t’at

Morag - just messing about in  Iceland

Carrig at over 5300m in the Himalayas

Naturally -  New Zealand!

Natural, sustainable & eco-friendly, New Zealand Merino Base Layers, Mid Layers and Accessories

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New Zealand Merino baselayers, genuinely made in New Zealand
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